1. Let’s Get Started!

TMA Media Podcast
TMA Media Podcast
1. Let's Get Started!

Our first episode shares a little about your host, Gary Stripling, and gives an overview of where we’re going in this podcast series. For both worship leaders & their teams and touring indie artists with alike, there will be something here for musicians desiring to take their music to a new level this year.

2 comments on “1. Let’s Get Started!

  1. J Grant says:

    This was a pretty cool, informative podcast about indie artists. Can’t wait to hear more! Hope you have some of your own artists on the podcast at some point. Would be good to hear from their perspective.

  2. April H says:

    I’m not a musician but my husband is and I found this podcast really interesting. He asked me to listen t oit with him. I’m a big podcast consumer of various typees and this one was really well done and I learned a lot.

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